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Research-Based Assessment Tools

Tools to Learn About Yourself and Your Institution
Improve both individual and institutional effectiveness in the areas of leadership, meetings and strategic planning with these easy-to-use, researched-based tools.

The 5 Paths to Leadership SELF Assessment

Take this assessment to understand ways of achieving greater balance among the five forms of intelligence so that you can improve your overall effectiveness as a leader.

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The 5 Paths to Leadership 360⁰ Assessment

Get feedback from those that surround you: your colleagues, direct reports, and leaders to help you understand and improve your leadership competencies. This validated assessment comes with up to 60 minutes of confidential consultation and discussion with an experienced higher ed leadership coach.

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High Performing Teams Survey

This survey instrument will help you find out exactly where your team is functioning well, or why your team is floundering. Use the High Performing Teams Survey to conduct a deep MRI into how your team works and identify opportunities to make your team more collaborative and productive.

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Strategic Planning Implementation and Execution Survey (SPIES)

Use this with your planning team as a “deep diagnostic” of your institution’s capacity/ability to actually implement important things in your strategic plan.

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The Meeting Diagnostic Tool (MDT)

Assess the effectiveness of your regular meetings and identify the specific factors that either help or hinder your meetings. It is difficult to fix a meeting when you don't know exactly what needs “fixing.” This tool uniquely uncovers both what is working and what isn't; allowing you to build on your strengths and identify opportunities.

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