10 Articles Every Leader in Higher Ed
Should Read

A list of key articles on leadership, curated by Patrick Sanaghan & Amit Mrig

Over the past 7-8 years, Academic Impressions has designed and delivered leadership programs for over a thousand leaders across the higher education landscape. We have had the opportunity to work with academic and administrative leaders as well as presidents and provosts. The learning experiences have been outstanding because almost every participant was curious and interested in learning about leadership, not pontificating about it.

One of the protocols we use in every leadership program is the creation of a "learning agenda" that is produced by participants and is a list of highly relevant articles, books, and papers on leadership. The criteria for inclusion on the learning agenda list is that the suggested reading must be something that influenced a participant, made them think differently about how they view leadership, or had a positive and meaningful impact on how they actually lead. Participants populate the list over the course of the 2 or 3-day program. They also provide a 1-minute snapshot about the suggested book or article, with a brief rationale about why their suggestion is worth reading.

This article provides an annotated list of some of the strong recommendations from past participants. There is a lot of blather and clutter out there regarding leadership; these curated suggestions are a leadership gift. We use many of the suggested readings below in our current programs, and we hope you find the suggestions helpful.

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