Best of AI: 11 Recorded Webinars

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Here are a few samples from our digital library of hundreds of higher-ed professional development webinars and recorded online trainings.

You might know Academic Impressions from our comprehensive library of complimentary articles, papers, and reports or from our higher education professional development conferences and workshops. What you may not know is that our small program development team of less than ten researchers and program managers also provides 200 online trainings each year: webinars designed to tackle specific problems facing higher-ed professionals and delivered by hand-selected experts with a track record of having confronted these challenges.

We wanted to highlight some of our most popular recorded trainings for you, and provide four complimentary samples for you to peruse and learn from. All of the webcasts below are available for purchase in full as digital recordings.

Below, you'll find information about -- and free samples from -- popular online trainings in:

  • Academic affairs
  • Advancement
  • Enrollment management
  • Finance & facilities
  • Higher-ed leadership
  • Student affairs

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1. Faculty Civility and Academic Freedom

Ellen M. Babbitt, Partner at Franczek Radelet, reviews how to address faculty incivility without violating academic freedom. Here is a sample from the online training, which is available for purchase here.


The full training reviews:

  • How the right to free speech affects an institution’s ability to address incivility
  • Considering collegiality during performance reviews, tenure, reappointment, and promotion processes
  • The impact of “controversial” social media use on the ability to teach, advise students, and conduct research
  • Recommended strategies for responding to an uncivil faculty member
  • Building a culture of civility in your department, college, or institution

You can purchase the recorded training here.

2. Creating a Business Case for New Academic Programs

Ensure that adding programs is a sound decision both academically and financially. Larry Goldstein, President of Campus Strategies, LLC, will help you explore a more intentional set of criteria and process for holistically reviewing and approving new academic offerings in this online training.

“Larry Goldstein is always on top of his game. Articulate. Insightful. Knowledgeable.”
Craig Becker, AVP of Finance, Lafayette College

“The material was very focused on the topic and Larry moved at just the right pace through the material.”
Denis Wiesenburg, Professor of Marine Science, University of Southern Mississippi


3. Measuring and Evaluating Your Alumi Relations Program

This training by Ray Satterthwaite, President of Engagement Analysis Inc., covers best practices to:

  • Measure alumni engagement
  • Assess event performance
  • Develop metrics for individual staff members
  • Evaluate overall alumni relations operations
  • Use your metrics to guide planning

Watch a free sample of the recording below.


4. Strategically Managing Alumni Chapters

From Katie Giglio, Assistant Director of Alumni Programs at the University of South Florida, learn a model for more effectively managing your alumni chapters. This recorded training examines how the University of South Florida updated their alumni groups model to a tiered model in order to provide engaging programming, while better involving their groups in fundraising. You will leave with considerations for how to implement a similar model for your own institution as well as tips for creating engaging programming and managing alumni volunteers.

“I was really pleased with not only the content of this webinar, but the clarity of the presentation. I also really appreciate the supplemental resources that were provided. I feel well equipped to implement some of the changes made at USF into my school's alumni chapter program.”
Taralyn Caudle, Assistant Director of Alumni Relations, University of Alabama in Huntsville


5. Using Student Storytelling in Higher Ed Marketing

Who on campus can provide authentic and colorful insight into campus life better than your current students?

In this recorded webcast, Tim Nekritz, Associate Director of Communications and Marketing and Director of Digital Communications at SUNY Oswego, offers specifics for how to plan a student-driven content program for your digital marketing channels that helps you improve enrollment and engage alumni.

"Most webinars on this topic just cover generic tips, but the Student Storytelling webinar really went in-depth with concrete examples and ideas of how to engage students in many different ways."
Lauren Hoover, Admissions & Recruitment Coordinator, University of Pennsylvania School of Design

6. Using Video Effectively in Higher Ed Marketing

From instructors Christina Muñoz Madsen, Associate Vice President of Communications, Public Relations and Marketing at the University of Central Arkansas, and Lindsay Nyquist, Director of Digital Communications at Fort Lewis College, learn how you can use video more strategically across your marketing channels. You will gain a thorough understanding of how to use video as a marketing tool, as well as critical considerations for video production to make the most of your video budget.

Included with this recorded webinar is a list of links to numerous institutional examples of effective video marketing.


7. Moving to a Responsibility Center Management Budgeting Model

Learn how you can customize, make key decisions, and cultivate ownership of a responsibility center management (RCM) budgeting model on your campus. Larry Goldstein of Campus Strategies, LLC will walk you through critical aspects of RCM so you can better:

  • Establish levels of decision making
  • Train your non-financial constituents
  • Gain buy-in and ownership
  • Strategize your roll-out plan

Here is a sample. The full recording is available for purchase here.



8. Conflict Management for Institutional Leaders

In this popular training (available for purchase here) by Kathleen A. Rinehart, General Counsel for Saint Xavier University, learn how to use conflict management tools to resolve disputes within your department.


9. Three Factors of Healthy Leadership in Higher Education

Leading is not for the faint of heart—it is a challenging and complex endeavor, and there is no roadmap. Too often, the volume of problems, personal insecurities, high pressure, and ego can produce leaders that can be toxic, likely to burn out, and ultimately take their institutions backwards, not forwards.

This recorded webcast by Jeremy Podany, Executive Director of Corporate Services and Career Education at Colorado State University, reviews a better and more sustainable model for leadership—a model that is more thoughtful, balanced, and holistic, and actually drives better results for the organization. The recording will leave you with specific steps that you can take to move toward a more fulfilling leadership style.


10. Using Data to Improve Career Services

Are you putting data to work within your career services program?

Learn how you can update your career services reporting strategy with existing resources. This online training by Jon Schlesinger, Director of the Hiatt Career Center at Brandeis University, will provide ideas and resources to help you ensure that you’re collecting the right data to better analyze your office’s performance.

11. Proactive Advising for Student Success

In this recorded webinar from experts Joe Murray, MSHR, Director of University Advising Services at Florida Atlantic University, and Jess E. Tuck, Ph.D., Director of the Academic Coaching and Career Enhancement for Student Success (ACCESS) Program at Florida Atlantic University, gain strategies to engage and direct at-risk students on a path to success.

This recorded training comes with a 30+ page resource guide that includes:

  • Tools for working with parents in proactive advising efforts
  • Intrusive advising sample syllabi for advisor training
  • A critical outreach points inventory
  • Resources that discuss the history/theory of proactive advising
  • Models of proactive advising programs in action

Purchase the recording today.


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