How One Registrar’s Office is Securing Buy-in to Streamline Transfer Credit Evaluation

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by Sarah Seigle, Academic Impressions

The transfer credit evaluation process is one that touches many different stakeholders. The registrar’s office is where the heart of the action happens, but the way credit is articulated has far-reaching implications for the admissions office, department chairs, and academic advisors as well. Because all of these entities have such a stake, it can be tricky for registrars to manage policy changes and gain the buy-in needed to streamline their transfer credit evaluation processes.

Two Success Stories at CSU

Kelley Brundage, associate registrar at Colorado State University, has worked in transfer credit evaluation for over 20 years and has led two major streamlining initiatives at CSU.

The first large-scale streamlining initiative occurred when Kelley was a new hire at the university. As she entered into her new leadership role as associate registrar, she was advised that the overall perception of the registrar’s office was, on the whole, a negative one: other Departments viewed her office as inflexible and unlikely to compromise, and as a result, the efficiency of the transfer credit evaluation process was suffering. Kelley immediately began taking steps to turn the perception of her office around and gain allies throughout the institution.

The second streamlining initiative that Kelley undertook was to implement a transfer credit equivalency database. This new technology was not only a significant monetary investment but also a large-scale process change in the way CSU performed its transfer credit evaluations, so its successful implementation required a great deal of buy-in from the various stakeholders involved.

Because this issue of securing buy-in for policy change resonates with so many, I sat down with Kelley the other day to see what other institutions might be able to learn from her approach.

The following are four critical pieces of advice she offered during our conversation.

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