Increasing Scholarly Productivity: A 6-Day Program

Increasing Scholarly Productivity:
A 6-Day Program

Join our program to receive bite-sized lessons on using your voice to increase scholarly productivity daily for six business days.

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Obtain the publication record you want by focusing on your unique scholarly contributions.

Especially in the early stages of your career, you need to grow your identity as an independent scholar. But you might receive feedback from a mentor or a reviewer that they “don’t hear your voice” in your writing. Or more commonly, you might sense that the articles you want to write aren’t even getting written. How exactly can you lead with your voice to find momentum throughout the publication process and increase your scholarly productivity?

Sign up for this mini course to learn practical writing tips that emphasize your unique contributions to the field in these parts of the process:

  • Writing the abstract
  • Selecting your journal
  • Reviewing the literature
  • Editing the words on the page

You will learn to identify, clarify, and communicate your argument.


Who Will Benefit

Early-career faculty, faculty shifting fields or writing genres, or those struggling from inefficiency or burnout will especially benefit from this course.

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Before You Start


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Week 1

Monday to Friday

Day 2

22 minutes

Goals for Lesson 2

Strategy: Determine Claims and Significance

Strategy: Frame Argument as Solution to Problem

Exercise: Guided Brainstorming

Exercise: Choosing an Argument and Defining your Elevator Speech

Exercise: Writing Your Abstract

Download Resources and Complete:
(Pages 2-8 in the workbook)

Exercise #1: Guided Brainstorming (Pre-Writing)

Exercise #2: Choosing an Argument and Defining your Elevator speech (Pre-Writing)

Exercise #3: Writing Your Abstract (Writing)

Day 3

15 minutes

Goals for Lesson 3

Strategy: Focus on 4 Criteria to Help Determine Your Journal

Exercise: Selecting a Journal and Planning for Resubmission

Exercise: Communicating with Editors

Download Resources and Complete:
(Pages 9-12 in the workbook)

Exercise #4: Selecting a Journal and Planning for Resubmission (Pre-Writing)

Exercise #5: Communicating with Editors (Writing)

Day 4

12 minutes

Goals for Lesson 4

Strategy: Make a Conceptual Outline

Strategy: Get Real About Reading

Strategy: Fish with Bait and with a Net

Exercise: Literature Review Matrix

Strategy: Using a “Reading Sandwich”

Exercise: “Reading Sandwich”

Download Resources and Complete:
(Pages 13-15 in the workbook)

Exercise #6: Making a Literature Review Matrix (Pre-Writing)

Exercise #7: Making a Reading Sandwich

Day 5

17 minutes

Goals for Lesson 5

Strategy for Coherence: Put the Point at the “End of the Beginning”

Additional Strategies and Exercises for Coherence

Strategy for Persuasion: Support Claims with Evidence and Reason

Exercise for Persuasion: Diagnosing Persuasion through Evidence and Reasons

Strategy for Persuasion: Use Connectors to Amplify Your Argument

Download Resources and Complete:
(Pages 16-18 in the workbook)

Exercise #8: Diagnosing Coherence: The Point and Themes of Your Paragraph (Post-Writing)

Exercise #9: Diagnosing Persuasion: Identifying Evidence and Reasons in Your Paragraph (Post-Writing)

Week 2


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