Leading Your Team Through the Four Phases of the Change Process

Leading Your Team Through the Four Phases of the Change Process

December 10, 2018
1:00 - 2:00 p.m. Eastern


Learn how to more effectively move your team or department through change.

Institutions are currently dealing with unprecedented change in higher ed. From changing demographics to rethinking how departments work together, meeting the needs of today’s students requires faculty, staff, and leaders to rethink their perception of their roles. Leaders are sometimes at a loss as to how to move their departments through change. Should they lead by carrot or stick? Is there a way to make the shift less painful?

In this webcast, you will engage in activities to help you first diagnose your current change phase. You will then learn to identify key actions you can take in each stage. The easier you make the journey, the sooner the organization will benefit. This is a highly interactive webcast with scenarios and activities to help you practice as you learn.

Who Should Attend

This online training is designed for leaders in higher education institutions who are currently leading their departments through a difficult transition.

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Phase 1: Shock and Denial

  1. Indicators of this phase (e.g., "I can't believe this is happening.")
  2. Actions to take: creating predictability in an uncertain reality
  3. Activity

Phase 2: Anger and Fear

  1. Indicators of this phase (e.g., "Things were fine before.")
  2. Actions to take: the importance of listening
  3. Activity

Phase 3: Acceptance

  1. Indicators of this phase (e.g., "I think I know a way we could make this work.")
  2. Actions to take: providing an open forum for innovation
  3. Activity

Phase 4: Rebuilding

  1. Indicators of this phase (e.g., "We've come a long way.")
  2. Actions to take: celebrating progress while planning for growth
  3. Activity


Therese Lask, Training and Organizational Development Specialist, Colorado State University, October 24, 2017

Therese Lask

Training and Organizational Development Specialist, Office of Training and Organizational Development
Colorado State University

Dr. Therese Lask is a Training Specialist. She has worked in higher education for more than 25 years and as a consultant for the Gallup Organization for four years. As a consultant, Therese has helped organizations infuse a strengths-based philosophy to assist with building teams and helping individuals contribute their best at work. She has a bachelor’s and master’s degree from Colorado State University and a Doctorate in Higher Education Leadership from the University of Northern Colorado. Therese has published numerous articles, workbooks, and the book Your Life as a River, which addresses strengths development.

Her areas of expertise include: strengths development, strategic planning, wellbeing, hope, multi-generational workforce, change, professional resilience, and career exploration.

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