Keys to Cultivating Emotional Intelligence as a Department Chair
Part One: Awareness and Emotional Intelligence

Share this article with colleagues. By Peter Anderson, PhD Founder, Inner Citadel Consulting Executive Director of the Associated Colleges of the St. Lawrence Valley     Academia’s leadership challenge is that almost none of us have been trained to manage people, much less other academics; almost none of us have significant, sustained leadership development opportunities; […]


Distributed Leadership as a Sustainable and Inclusive Leadership Approach

Share this article with colleagues. Vickie Cook, Ph.D. Executive Director, Online, Professional, and Engaged Learning and Research Professor of Education, University of Illinois Springfield     Introduction Distributed leadership is best defined as participatory leadership across an organization. In an organization which practices distributed leadership, both the responsibility and the accountability of leadership is embraced […]

Persistent Tension in Academic Leadership and How to Make it Productive

Share this article with colleagues. Melissa Padfield, Vice Provost and University Registrar, University of Alberta Norma Rodenburg, Interim Deputy Registrar, University of Alberta     Leadership is hard Let’s face it, leadership is hard and exhausting. Leadership was hard before the Covid-19 pandemic, and the additional complexities that leaders have been facing over the past […]

University Comprehensive Naming Reviews

Member Exclusive Kathleen Diemer Associate Vice President, Advancement Relations at George Mason University and a past president of the Association of Donor Relations Professionals.     During the last decade, a few high-profile donor stories throughout the country have heightened public awareness of university namings. In response, “reputational risk” or “morality” clauses started popping up […]

Integrating Internationalization Strategies and DEI Initiatives at US Universities: What’s to be Gained?

Ashley Green, PhD 
Assistant Dean for Administration and Director of DEI Anne Ferguson, PhD 
Senior Advisor to the Associate Provost and Dean of International Studies and Programs & Professor Emeritus     Introduction Until recently at many US universities, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and internationalization programs were considered to be separate undertakings responding to different university […]

FLIPping the Script on Course Design: Integrating UDL and Student Centeredness into the Course Design Table

Member Exclusive By Dr. Leslie Madsen, Teresa Focarile, Dr. Tasha Souza, Dr. Lisa Berry     After the COVID-19 pandemic profoundly disrupted the spring 2020 semester, Boise State University faculty looked toward an uncertain fall with some trepidation. Because students might have to quarantine for weeks or miss several classes due to illness, instructors realized […]


Identifying Opportunities in Your Department’s DEI Strategy: One Alumni Department’s Perspective

Member Exclusive By Ryan Barnhart, DHSc Director of Alumni Relations, California University of Pennsylvania     Are you wanting to create more opportunities for diversity, equity, and inclusion for your constituents, but not sure where to begin? Here’s how one Alumni Relations and Development Office started.   We started from the bottom At California University […]

Navigating a virtual provost search during the pandemic

Member Exclusive David Forgues Search Committee Chair and Vice President of Human Resources, Diversity, and Inclusion California State University, Fullerton Carolyn Thomas Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs California State University, Fullerton The below piece tells the story of Cal State Fullerton’s experience conducting a provost search virtually during the COVID-19 pandemic. The story […]


Back to the Future of Alumni Relations

Member Exclusive By Kathy Edersheim President, Impactrics     Social distancing and isolation brought on by the pandemic have proven the importance of community and connection, the very priorities for alumni relations. As the vaccine rolls-out and we look forward to a new normal, it is the perfect moment for alumni associations to assess the […]

Starting a Women’s Leadership Mentoring Program

Member Exclusive Co-Authored by Faculty and Staff at the University of Idaho Vanessa Sielert, Professor and Director, Lionel Hampton School of Music Katherine Himes, Director, McClure Center for Public Policy Research Erin Chapman, Clinical Associate Professor, School of Family and Consumer Sciences Kathryn Schiffelbein, Director of Diversity, Inclusion and Outreach, College of Engineering     […]

Five Guideposts for Successfully Navigating the Tenure Process

Member Exclusive By Emma White JD, MA Assistant Professor and Department Chair, English, University of Hawai`i, Maui College     Navigation and cartography may be overused clichés, but they helped me through tenure’s stormy seas. And the process of obtaining tenure is an especially stormy sea for women in particular. Data from the American Association […]


Scholarly Productivity and the COVID-19 Pandemic: Cultivating Community in a Remote Writing Group

Member Exclusive Dr. Carol Anne Constabile-Heming, Professor of German, University of North Texas. Because of the isolation that resulted from the emergency shut down of colleges and universities as a response to the spread of COVID-19 in the spring semester, the sense of community that ordinarily germinates organically on college and university campuses all but […]

Reflections From 14 Years as a Department Chair

By Gordon E. Harvey, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor & Department Chair, Jacksonville State University Thinking about becoming a department chair? Here’s what I wish someone had told me when I started. As a junior faculty member, I envisioned a life of teaching and writing, but never one of supervision and leadership. To be sure, I still […]


Land Acknowledgement as an Equity Practice in Higher Education

Member Exclusive Dr. Nichole S. Prescott, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, The University of Texas System Aya ceeki eeweemaakiki. Niila Myaamia. Neehweeta weenswiaani myaamiaataweenki. Nichole akala shima tawengi. Hello all my relatives. I am Myaamia. My Myaamia name is Neehweeta, which means she speaks. Nichole is my English name. _____________________ The Myaamia first emerged […]


“DECLINED” Can my proposal be revived?

By Rick Nader Chief Research and International Officer at Long Island University Principal, Global Proposal Solutions, Consultant, Academic Research Funding Strategies Why do so many grant proposals get rejected? Funding rates hover at about 20% across all federal agencies: the competition is fierce. For new faculty who are inexperienced, their chances of getting funded are […]

Academic Entrepreneurship: Managing your academic program portfolio in times of disruption

We recently sat down with Dr. Melissa Morriss-Olson, former Provost at Bay Path University, to discuss her recently-released book “Academic Entrepreneurship: The Art and Science of Creating the Right Academic Programs.” The following interview—which contains myriad practical suggestions for academic leaders looking to think creatively to move their divisions and institutions forward—is what materialized. 1. […]