Is It a Microaggression?

Is it a microaggression? The authors of Fix Your Climate, two leading experts on hierarchical microaggressions, discuss how microaggressions operate within an academic workplace and offer a few quick tips for identifying and reducing them.   by Myron R. Anderson, Ph.D., and Kathryn S. Young, Ph.D. Microaggressions, microbullying, and bullying are the silent destroyers of […]

You Were Just Named Interim. Now What?

Being named the interim leader in your unit or department can be both exciting and scary.  Unfortunately, there are not many road maps out there to guide you. Here is some guidance from others who’ve been there. by Ashlyn W. Sowell, Associate Vice President for Campaign Operations and Engagement, Johns Hopkins University In this time […]



Forecasting the Fall: Calamity or Opportunity?

In these rough waters, higher education leaders cannot indulge the luxury of sitting back and waiting to see what everyone else does. Whatever happens with the pandemic or the economy, we are not going to see a simple “return to normal” or to the conditions under which our institutions operated in January, and leaders must […]

The Words We Use: How Higher Ed is Responding to Calls for Culturally Relevant Pedagogy

Increasingly, faculty leaders are responding seriously to the call for more “culturally relevant pedagogy,” referring to more inclusive classrooms and pedagogical styles. This article draws on findings from a recent inquiry into how institutions are thinking about equity within pedagogy. In late 2019 (prior to the COVID-19 pandemic), I conducted 28 phone interviews with both […]

Responding to Microaggressions in Online Learning Environments During a Pandemic

With faculty and students both stressed during the pandemic, microaggressions may become more frequent in our online learning environment. Here are some practical strategies for mitigating the impact of microaggressions in online and remote classes. by Dr. Tasha Souza, Associate Director for Inclusive Excellence for the Center for Teaching and Learning, Professor of Communication, Boise […]


How Do We Relaunch Research Operations?

Re-opening academic labs for research is critical but fraught with opportunities for confusion, miscommunication, and risk. Representatives from an array of research institutions met recently in an Open Space virtual meeting to discuss solutions. by Daniel Fusch, Academic Impressions As a research professional in higher education, you are likely thinking about or in the process […]

Becoming Global: Engaging Transnational Alumni, Donors, and Friends

During a time of pandemic (and after), how can we keep our international, or rather, transnational alumni, donors, and friends engaged and connected? Two experts discuss. by Gretchen Dobson, interviewing Daniel Spadafore (Michigan State University)  This year constituent engagement has looked different than in the recent past. While travel has ceased, virtual connections are keeping […]


5 Leadership Lessons Hidden in the Coronavirus Crisis

Especially for those who are deliberate planners by nature, the rapid velocity and pressure of the current crisis can be turbulent. In this article, the president of the Hollins University offers higher-ed leaders the perspective of five leadership lessons or gifts that we can (re)learn in the midst of this chaotic moment. by Mary Hinton, […]

Creating a Safe Space in Your Class During a Crisis

You’re in class (online). Your students are in class. And all of your minds are on COVID-19, quarantine, and making ends meet. How can we as instructors step back, break down the sense of isolation and hopelessness, and use the sharing of our experiences of crisis to create a safe space for students to grow […]