Making More Informed Space Decisions from Your Existing Reports and Data Webcast Recording



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Learn how to leverage information within your space database to identify areas of opportunity to better use space, create partnerships across departments, and influence your space decision making. This online training will walk you through four key reports that you can run from your space data and show you how those reports will help you:

  • Avoid creating unnecessary or redundant space in master planning
  • Guide informed decision-making for your various stakeholders
  • Create a culture of space stewardship, rather than space ownership

Who Should Attend

This program is designed for institutions that have an established space management database and want to leverage the data to influence campus planning and decision making:

  • Directors of space planning
  • Directors of capital planning
  • Assistant Directors of space planning and managers
  • Campus planners

Learning outcome

After participating in this online training, you will be able to better utilize your space metrics to guide planning and decision making on campus.        


  • Optimizing and leveraging your current database
  • Using specific data and reports to effect change on campus
    • Classroom utilization-room type
    • Classroom use and technology condition
    • Scheduling practices
    • Research space
  • Leveraging change using essential tools
    • Established data: SIS system, floor plans, data warehouse, Access, ARCGIS
    • Defined business processes
    • Use peer to peer accountability to leverage change
    • Promote a culture of space stewardship vs. space ownership


Bruce Denis, Manager—Space Management Project, British Columbia Institute of Technology

As manager of educational operations, Bruce is responsible for managing major education projects within the VP Academic portfolio. Working with key stakeholders, Bruce has developed a comprehensive data-driven plan to transform space use at BCIT’s five campuses. Previously, Bruce held the role of manager of institute planning, developing a five-year strategic plan, designing models of engagement and accountability for the plan’s implementation, and creating an integrated framework that included operational, budget and capital planning.

Bruce has chaired several Institute committees including the operational planning steering committee, the strategic planning council and the space management working group.


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