Building Better Meetings Between Frontline Fundraisers and Prospect Researchers


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Learn how to help frontline fundraisers communicate more effectively with prospect managers and researchers.

Learn how to help frontline fundraisers communicate more effectively with prospect managers and researchers.

Prospect management is a team sport, but it’s rarely played that way. Often this work is done in silos with hardly any collaboration between frontline fundraisers and prospect researchers. If this sounds like your shop or if you aren’t seeing results, it’s time to start aligning these teams through strategic meetings and transparent communication.  

Join us online to learn from an expert who has helped her teams increase process efficiencies, raise more money, and have fun while doing both.  We’ll focus on how to structure and run more effective meetings between the frontline fundraisers and prospect researchers. While we’ll be talking about how to collect and update data for meetings, we will NOT be focusing on how to analyze it.   

Who Should Attend

Prospect managers, directors of development/advancement services who coordinate with major gift officers would benefit from this webcast. Additionally, anyone who supervises gift officers and is looking to better coordinate on portfolio management will also find this training useful. 


  1. Building Your Prospect Management Meeting
    We’ll talk through how you can efficiently work with frontline staff to understand what they want and need. We’ll also offer ideas on how to encourage others to keep clean and accurate data.
  2. Running Your Prospect Management Meeting
    We’ll discuss how you can guide conversations surrounding donor strategy to help gift officers move proposals forward. We’ll also offer:

    1. Sample meeting agendas
    2. Recommendations for meeting timelines
  3. Following Up Across Functional Areas
    We’ll discuss things like:

    1. What is working across the collaboration?
    2. What would fundraisers/prospect researchers adjust?
    3. What pre-work is necessary for these meetings to be successful and why?


Melissa McGee

Director of Philanthropy Administration, University of Kentucky Health Care and College of Medicine

Melissa is Director of Philanthropy of Administration with the University of Kentucky HealthCare & College of Medicine Philanthropy Team. In her role, she provides strategic planning and management in several administrative areas, but her greatest love is bringing frontline and support staff together in ways that support creative, dynamic and data-driven prospect management.


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