Creating a Sense of Community with Graduate Students (Both Webcast Recordings)

Webcast Recordings – Two 45 minute sessions


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Creating a Sense of Community with Graduate Students (Webcast Recording - Session 1)

Webcast Recording - 45 minutes

Creating a Sense of Community with Graduate Students (Webcast Recording - Session 2)

Webcast Recording - 45 minutes

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Graduate students, despite comprising a large portion of a university’s overall student body, are often under-engaged as a part of the campus community. Throughout this training you will hear examples of how the University of Notre Dame successfully:

  • Engaged graduate students upon enrolling in a program
  • Created opportunities for social connections during their program
  • Built meaningful connections to the university

Who Should Attend

This online training is designed for leaders in graduate education and student success. This may include:

  • Directors and Coordinators of Graduate Programs
  • Deans of Graduate Education
  • Directors of Graduate Student Services
  • Directors of Graduate Enrollment


  • Pre-arrival through Orientation (Session 1)
    1. Coordinating communication during admissions
    2. Graduate-specific orientation
  • Success and well-being of graduate students (Session 2)
    1. Creating social opportunities for graduate and adult students
    2. Using marketing and branding to connect grads to existing services
    3. Graduate Student Appreciation Week


Mimi Beck, Program Director, Graduate Student Life, University of Notre Dame