Leading and Influencing as a Department Chair (Main Conference + Both Workshops)

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Gain the skills you need to lead the strategic vision of your academic department as well as lead and inspire your faculty colleagues. During this practically-focused training, you will learn tools and tactics to help you be successful in both duties as a department chair, including:

  • Handling the most difficult complaints that you face
  • Developing a vision and setting goals within your academic department
  • Motivating and mentoring your faculty
  • Setting performance expectations for faculty
  • Dealing with difficult faculty colleagues
  • Managing crises that occur on your watch

Pre-Conference Workshop: Understanding the Department Chair’s Many Balancing Acts

Every department chair has many roles and responsibilities. To be effective, you must tailor your approach to the many problems, tasks, and issues that you face. This workshop, facilitated by Jeanne Hey, will help you identify your most comfortable leadership tendencies and grow to embrace multiple leadership modes and skills.

Post-Conference Workshop: Conflict Resolution: Tools and Best Practices for Academic Leaders

Effective leaders are expected address, manage, and resolve conflict in the areas they oversee. Join us for an interactive session, facilitated by Kathleen Rinehart, and learn the models and tools available to you to manage conflict both in its earliest stages and those that have simmered over time. This workshop will give you the opportunity to apply these practical and accessible tools in realistic scenarios.

Who Will Benefit

This leadership institute is designed with particular attention to those who are looking to develop the expertise to become an exceptional department leader. The depth and breadth of this program is also suitable for those who are contemplating making a move from department chair to a higher administrative position, including program directors, division chiefs, center directors, etc.

If you have questions about this program’s fit for you, please reach out to the program manager, Ashley Brand at ashley.brand@academicimpressions.com.


Jeffrey L. Buller, Former Dean of the Honors College, Florida Atlantic University

Jeanne A.K. Hey, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, University of New England

Kathleen Rinehart, President, Cardinal Stritch University