A Collaborative Approach to Advancing Your Diversity and Inclusion Training Initiatives (Conference + Workshop)

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Diversity and Inclusion professionals often lead the charge to develop comprehensive diversity training initiatives, and it is essential to collaborate with different departments across campus to determine what training opportunities are most needed. A network of partners from all areas, from athletics to residence life, student life to faculty, and many more, must work together to develop and improve strategies to effectively deliver diversity and inclusion training to staff, faculty, and students.

This workshop-style training will help you overcome the most challenging barriers you face in organizing and managing diversity and inclusion training initiatives, as well as provide planning time for you to develop your own strategies and action plans for training implementation. Our expert instructors will address the following key themes:

  • Training components for departmental collaboration efforts — how to customize training needs based on campus collaborators’ input
  • Diversity training gaps — how to strategically identify and address knowledge gaps
  • Engaging faculty and staff — how to extend your sphere of influence across campus to optimize diversity and inclusion training
  • Responding to real-time issues — how to recognize and address current threats with appropriate training opportunities
  • Measuring the effectiveness of diversity and inclusion training initiatives — how to prioritize assessment and strategically incorporate it into specific training programs

This unique learning opportunity will give you the focused time and space you need to develop your strategies for more intentional diversity and inclusion initiatives within your own institutional context. Our practically-focused and experienced instructors will offer support and insights throughout this workshop-style training in order to provide you with best practices and actionable takeaways.

Post-Conference Workshop: Creating Inclusive Spaces on Campus

Join us for this post-conference workshop and learn about other tangible and creative solutions for improving campus climate beyond facilitating diversity and inclusion training for your campus.  Committee involvement, cultural competence training for faculty, annual diversity symposiums, partnerships with local institutions, and creation of inclusive space messaging for your campus are just some of the ways in which campus leaders can develop high-performing and highly inclusive practices on their campus.

Who Should Attend

Mid to upper-level leaders who are charged with developing campus-wide diversity training initiatives will find this program valuable. Campus leaders who may not have the official title or responsibility to advance diversity training initiatives but wish to collaborate with those who are in charge of these efforts may also find this conference beneficial.


Mary Ontiveros, Vice President for Diversity, Colorado State University

Katrina Rodriguez, Ph.D., Vice President for Campus Community and Climate, University of Northern Colorado