Leading and Influencing as a Department Chair (Conference Pass)

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What past attendees have to say about the Academic Impressions experience:

“This program is one of the best leadership development workshops I have been to. Their use of problem-solving, solutions-focused approach leads to results within yourself and organization.”

– Dr. Cory Church, Program Director, VA Nursing Partnership, Texas Woman’s University


“This conference allows for the opportunity to self-reflect about my role as Chair and what that means for my department, institution, and staff. I highly recommend.”

– Ebony Perez, Associate Chair Undergraduate Social Work, Saint Leo University


“I appreciate being able to leave the workshop with tools and skills I can apply as soon as I return!”

– Callie Rennison, Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs, University of Colorado – Denver


“An insightful and effective conference that was well above my expectations. Essential tools and fantastic speakers. I am excited to begin my new role.”

– Kathleen Bacer, Chair of Advanced Studies, Azusa Pacific University


“Empowering. Real people with real experiences getting real solutions. Being a chair at a community college and probably the only one at the conference, I still felt part of the group and felt 90% of the content applied to me too!”

– Lynne Fox-Parrish, Department Chair, Aims Community College