Supporting Neurodiversity on Your Campus: Changing Mindset and Methods (Conference Only)

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What past attendees have to say about the Academic Impressions experience:

“Academic Impressions’ style of professional development far exceeds that of standard conferences/training. The small faculty and attendee ratio facilitate involvement and meaningful discussions. Bringing together academics from different areas of an organization to learn about a singular topic provides insight. The amount of immediately usable information gained is incredible.”

– Kim Boyd, Associate Dean for Retention and Student Success, Cabrini University


“The inspiration and impact of the conference will be felt at my institution for years, I hope. I learned so much to bring back to my team to help advance my institution in strategic ways. I am so excited about the next steps!”

– Janet Kinard, Director, Networks and Groups, Georgia Tech Alumni Association


“Getting to learn from three phenomenal powerhouses in our field was a game changer! I don’t know what I expected coming into my first Academic Impressions experience, but this far exceeded all my expectations! Thank you!”

– Krystle M. Ongaco, Assistant Director, Regional, Student & Young Alumni Programs, Johns Hopkins University


“A terrific, well-planned and beautifully presented conference full of practical information–all ready to use!”

– Marty Roelandt, Associate Director, Volunteers, Swarthmore College