Strategies for Developing New Academic Programs (For Academic Attendees)

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What past attendees have to say about the Academic Impressions experience:

“I had a few “aha” moments that I am excited to share with my team!”

-Alex Lippert, Senior Development Officer, University of Waterloo


“AI brings together excellent faculty with a breadth of experience to dive deeply into the topic. No up-selling or recruitment–just wonderful collaboration and information-sharing. So many ideas!”

– Malone Plummer, Assistant Director, Leadership Donor Engagement, Boston College


“This conference met all my expectations and provided the tools for me to create change at my own institution.”

-Sharon Enzor, Provost, Blue Mountain College


“Academic Impressions does a great job of hiring speakers/leaders who genuinely want to help you. They make themselves available for you to follow-up if you want more. The other great thing is being able to share and collaborate with the other attendees. This conference has done a good job of having activities and time for us to share at our tables. I am excited to take a few achievable ideas to take back to my own university!”

-Kia Burton, Alumni Engagement Manager, Augsburg University