Taking Your Orientation Online to Solve Common Challenges



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Hear how one brick-and-mortar institution uses online orientation to meet the needs of modern students.

When it comes to your on-ground student orientation, you might be lacking:

  • Space
  • Funding for student orientation leaders
  • Quality training
  • Support and participation from faculty
  • Student engagement or retention of information
  • Equity in the enrollment process

Have you ever thought of taking your orientation online? Doing so can solve a lot of problems but only if the online format is done well.

Join us online to hear about Utah State University’s online orientation model, which caters to first-year, transfer, and even international students by offering customized information that incoming students can access when their schedules permit. You’ll learn tips for how to implement the five building blocks required for a successful online orientation – including how to foster a sense of student belonging before classes begin.

Who Should Attend

This webcast is ideal for brick-and-mortar campuses who are:

  • Actively looking to create a new online orientation program
  • Struggling with their on-ground orientation and may not have actively considered an online orientation


  1. The Impact of Utah State’s Online Orientation: You’ll learn why Utah State switched to an online orientation, what problems it has solved, and the outcomes they’ve seen with it.
  2. The Five Building Blocks of a Phased, Modular Online Orientation:
    1. Building Block #1: Identify the Right Resources – What IT platforms are available and within budget, and how can you start small?
    2. Building Block #2: Identify Stakeholders – Which campus constituents do you need to include, and how do you get their buy-in?
    3. Building Block #3: Design and Customize Your Content – How can you create a narrative for students that helps them understand their opportunities and responsibilities?
    4. Building Block #4: Manage Information Overload – How do you ensure you have ownership of the information presented, and how do you communicate it to students in a concise way?
    5. Building Block #5: Keep the Human Connection – How can you make your students feel like they are part of a community?


Lisa Simmons

Director, Student Orientation and Transition Services at Utah State University

Lisa Simmons has 15 years of administrative experience with orientation, transition, and retention programs. She directs Student Orientation and Transition Services at Utah State University, an office that houses orientation, parent and family programs, first-year experience, and advising for students taking a leave of absence. She developed an orientation program that provides customized, just-in-time information to over 6,000 students who are starting classes at nearly 30 sites and campuses throughout the state. Read Lisa's full bio here.


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