Case Management 2.0: Refining Your Service for Behaviorally At-Risk Students Digital Recording


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Product Description

Learn how you can further refine the role of your non-clinical case manager to improve the level of support that they give to behaviorally at-risk students. This online training will walk through the steps that our instructor has taken on his campus to transform the case manager role, and how you can take what he has learned and apply it to your own campus. After participating in this training, you will be better prepared to answer the following questions:

  • Have you thought about how to balance clinical and non-clinical cases on your campus?
  • How are you assessing your program effectiveness?
  • In what skill areas do your case managers need to grow?
  • How are you altering your case management based on student changes?

Prior to the webcast, the presenter will provide attendees a brief written overview and history of the field of case management, and the models in use across the U.S.

Who Should Attend

This online training is designed for institutions in their first few years of having a non-clinical case manager within their student affairs department. Specifically, we encourage the following professionals to attend:

  • Non-clinical case managers
  • Dean of students
  • Behavior intervention team members
  • Vice President/leadership of Student Affairs
  • Campus social workers
  • Residence life staff