Women’s Leadership Success in Higher Education (April Virtual Conference Pass)

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What past attendees have to say about the Academic Impressions experience:

“This was a powerful conference for me as a woman leader. I realize that there are others that experience the same challenges, both personally and professionally. That made an impact on my desire to set goals to work on improving myself both professionally and personally. The speakers are so full of knowledge and experience and are so willing to share all of themselves with us.”

– Vicki Diehl, Business Manager, Colorado State University


“This course exceeded my expectations. The speakers were knowledgeable and so generous with their time and expertise. The conference materials are really useful and I’m leaving with concrete steps I want to take, as well as lots of ideas and resources. My fellow attendees were all warm, positive, intelligent and open. This event has been uplifting and meaningful.”

– Katie Reed, Assessment Coordinator, Texas A&M University


“This conference has empowered me to be unapologetically, uniquely me as a leader and I will return to my institution with more confidence knowing that I have a valuable toolkit and a supportive network of women in my corner.”

– Crystal Tidmore, Associate Director of Development, McCombs School of Business


“This event had a life-changing effect on my attitude, my confidence in myself, and the direction I want my career to go. This conference made me down the negative feelings I sometimes let affect me and embrace my inner power and desire to lead.”

– Melissa Smith, Associate Director, Alumni Affairs, University of Tennessee


“I had a great experience with so many takeaways – mainly that there is so much in my power to change: my attitude, making a difference and sharing with others.”

– Jenny Wilson, Business Analyst, North Carolina State University


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