Tuition: Raise it, Lower it, or Stay the Course? Digital Recording


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Product Description

Gain a better understanding of the questions and considerations that should go into a decision to raise, lower, or maintain tuition. Expert instructor Lucie Lapovsky will provide an in-depth, example-based overview of different pricing models and key considerations for each. You will come away from the webcast better able to:

  • Place your tuition setting decision within a macro context
  • Clearly frame the arguments for various tuition strategies
  • Assess the risks associated with each course of action
  • Explain the implications of different tuition strategies on enrollment and net tuition revenue

Who Should Attend

This webcast will be of greatest benefit to leadership from enrollment management, finance, business, marketing, and financial aid. Both public and private institutions will benefit from this conversation.

To get the most out of the program, you are strongly encouraged to attend in institutional teams made up of participants from these various functional areas.