Essential Leadership Roles and Actions for Crisis Management (Both Webcast Recordings)



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Essential Leadership Roles and Actions for Crisis Management (Session 1 Digital Recording)

Session 1 Digital Recording

Essential Leadership Roles and Actions for Crisis Management (Session 2 Digital Recording)

Session 2 Digital Recording

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Join us for a two-part webcast series that will help leaders make key strategic and operational decisions during an emergent crisis.

Session one focuses on Leadership Roles and will teach you how to:

  1. Proactively assemble a Crisis Action Team comprised of multiple functional areas on campus
  2. Clarify the role of the president in both everyday operations and crisis management
  3. Communicate effectively with the board throughout the crisis

Session two focuses on Leadership Actions and will help you craft a mission statement specifically for the crisis to help dictate:

  1. With which stakeholders you should communicate
  2. How to ensure that everyday operations continue and are not affected
  3. How you can ultimately come out stronger as an institution on the other side

Both webcast sessions include real examples from higher education.

A Unique Approach

Our expert instructor, Col. Cardon Crawford, brings a record of proven performance at both the strategic and operational level. His approach, utilized by the U.S. military and now adapted for higher education, clearly demonstrates the roles, responsibilities, and essential steps for the the senior leadership team and the president during a crisis.

Who Should Attend

Because our reality is not “if” something will happen, but “when” it will happen, we strongly encourage teams of senior leaders to attend this webcast to bolster their chances of success under stress.

This webcast is suitable for leaders from the following functional areas:

  • Presidents and Executive Staff
  • Marketing and Communications
  • External/Public Relations
  • Student Affairs
  • Enrollment Management
  • Public Safety and Operations
  • Finance and Administration


Session 1: Leadership Roles

  • Recognizing a crisis
  • Crisis leadership vs. crisis management
  • Developing your crisis action team
  • Role of the president in a crisis
  • Interacting with your board during a crisis

Session 2: Leadership Actions

  • Develop a common operating picture
  • Initial press statement
  • Identify constituent groups and essential tasks
  • Form your mission statement
  • Return to normal operations


Colonel Cardon Crawford

U.S. Army (Ret.) and Director, Government Affairs
The Citadel

Following retirement from the Army, Colonel Crawford served as Director of Government and Community Affairs at The Citadel, where he formed and currently chairs the college’s Crisis Action Team (CAT). As the CAT chair, he successfully led the president and senior staff through three national-level crises that held the potential to negatively affect the reputation, image, and brand of the college. He served as Executive Assistant to the President of the National Defense University. He is a graduate of The Citadel and holds Master’s Degrees from Central Michigan University and The National War College.


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