Institute for Experienced Chiefs of Staff: Improving Your Processes, Communications, and Relationships (Conference + Post-Conference Workshop)

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The role of chief of staff looks very different at each institution and requires a unique skill set for continued success. During this three-day workshop, we will look at how you can maintain a balance in your professional life while managing a varied and often unpredictable role. We have assembled one current and two former chiefs of staff to help you:

  • Manage and communicate your role to your constituents
  • Mitigate stress, maintain energy, and keep a positive attitude
  • Establish and maintain critical internal and external relationships
  • Handle crises with confidence

This program is designed for current chiefs of staff who have been in the role three or more years. If you are a current chief of staff and are looking to explore options for your future career path, we recommend also attending our post-conference workshop.

Post-Conference Workshop: Career Paths for Chiefs of Staff

This post-conference program will focus on paths you may take after you have served as Chief of Staff. Presented by Alex Whitaker, a college President who was formerly a Chief of Staff, and Josh Jacobs, Vice President of Advancement & Alumni Relations and former Chief of Staff, we will discuss transferable skills, options, and furthering your development for success.

Who Should Attend

This program is designed for those with a higher level of experience (3 or more years) in the position. Those who are new or emerging chiefs of staff who have been in the role for 3 years or less, as well as professionals aspiring to the chief of staff position, will benefit from our sister training: Fundamentals for Chiefs of Staff: Understanding Your Role and Ensuring Success from the Start.


Max Allen, Vice President and Chief of Staff, Clemson University

Josh Jacobs, Vice President, Advancement & Alumni Relations, Central Methodist University

Alex Whitaker, President, King University

Karen Whitney, President Emerita, Clarion University