Women’s Leadership Success in Higher Education (Pre-Conference Workshop + Virtual Conference)

June 16 & June 23 – 24, 2021

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What past attendees have to say about the Academic Impressions experience:

Academic Impressions’ Women’s Leadership Conference is the best PD experience I’ve had in years. We got out of the details of scholarship and practice and into the principles of leadership and how they are influenced by issues of gender and intersectionality, Thus, I was able to glean practical and mindset-related insights that I believe will carry me forward in meaningful ways both for my career and personal life. Thank you to all the leaders and participants!

“This program allowed me to focus on why I am a leader in higher education, why my work matters, and how I can continue to develop. The presenters were inspiring, and offered useful strategies in the here and now as well as for me to reflect upon over time. Many thanks!”



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