Overcoming Three Root Causes of Resistance to Change (Webcast Recording)

Digital Recording – 60 minute recording


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Learn proven methods for breaking through resistance to change within your department, college, and institution. During this training, you will learn practical strategies for understanding resistance, addressing concerns, and motivating your team to embrace change. Specifically, we will focus on three types of resistance, including:

  • Thought-based resistance
  • Fear-based resistance
  • Capacity-based resistance

Who Should Attend

Anyone who tasked with leading, influencing, or managing a change effort would benefit from this webcast. This can include anyone from executive leadership to middle management levels.

Learning outcome

After participating in this online training, you will be able to more effectively lead a change process and address resistance to change.


During this training, you will be introduced to three common scenarios in which you will practice identifying the root cause of the resistance and workshop how to address these challenges. You will also hear case studies of how our experts have successfully managed resistance to change in both academic and administrative departments. These case studies will help you better apply what you learn to your individual context.


  1. A long-time faculty member is upset when she learns that two of her courses are scheduled to be dropped from the curriculum due to changes in new competencies.
  2. A faculty/advisory team has recently been asked to take on recruiting for their program
  3. A beloved staff support professional has been asked to move to another department, causing concern among the faculty who consider him one of their own.