Time Management: A Disciplined Approach to Priority-Setting (Webcast Recording)

Digital Recording – 60 minute recording

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Is your endless to-do list keeping you from doing what’s most important? We all have responsibilities and tasks that are competing for our attention, but most often, our two or three most important efforts are reduced to just another item on the list.

Join us for this webcast to learn strategies and exercises that will teach you the discipline needed to protect your time and your schedule, allowing you to give the most focus to your biggest priorities.

Increase the Efficiency of Your Whole Team

This workshop is both a professional and personal development experience, and we encourage team participation, but we’re also sensitive to the personal nature of the content. We encourage one person to register and distribute the login instructions to anyone who would rather participate individually.

This material will be applicable to any higher education professional looking to be more efficient, purposeful, and productive.  


Before the session, we will ask you to pull a representative two-week period from your calendar and complete a short exercise.  Armed with these pieces, we will work through these two exercises together during the webcast:

Exercise 1:  Assess Your Productivity

Using the sample calendar you brought to the webcast, you will audit the percent of time dedicated to your five focus areas.  You’ll get a better awareness around how your choices affect the structure of your calendar and therefore what is or isn’t getting your best or most time.

Exercise 2: Build a Purposeful Schedule

Using your focus areas and time audit, you will build a sample two-week calendar that manifests a sharp focus and purposeful work.

You will leave the workshop with an accountability partner who will help you stick to the schedule and strategies realized during the session.


Steve Riccio, Lecturer, International Business & Management, Dickinson College