Academic Restructuring: Taking Action Quickly During Times of Change (Webcast 1 Only)



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Driven by multi-year declining enrollments and a sudden and huge loss of revenue, restructuring was a must. In these cases, institutions must move quickly, and they often only get one chance to get it right.

As a result of the restructuring at Clarion:

  • 4 colleges became 3
  • 36 departments become 17
  • Education programs were reengineered and integrated into the College of Arts and Sciences
  • A new college centered around health professions was created

This was all done in two years, which, in an academic restructuring timeframe, is fast. This is a story about how you can navigate restructuring in times of need, while also getting everyone on board when time is of the essence.



To help you understand the conditions and approaches surrounding the restructure at Clarion University, you’ll learn the following:

  1. The market conditions and financial realities that required the school to restructure
  2. The outcomes of the restructure – both the good and the bad
  3. How President Emerita Whitney led the university through the academic restructure, including how she formed an action plan, how she overcame faculty resistance, and how she rethought traditional disciplinary structures
  4. The things President Emerita Whitney executed well and the things she wishes she would have done differently


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