Impact of Repeal: Institutional Responses to the Dobbs Decision



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As abortion rights are no longer guaranteed under federal law, learn how institutions affected by the Dobbs decision are preparing for its impact on students, faculty, and staff. 


The Supreme Court decision on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization overturned the longstanding right to abortion established by Roe v. Wade in 1973, and colleges are now faced with determining if and how to respond to the needs expressed by students, faculty, and staff. This program will examine the public responses by several institutions through case studies to better help surface the factors that campuses may need to consider as they determine their approach to this topic.

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Who Should Attend

This program is designed for higher ed faculty and staff in leadership roles looking for a space to consider their institutional, divisional, or departmental response to the Dobbs decision. This program will be most helpful for those leading departments and above.

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October 19, 2022

1:00 - 2:30 p.m. ET


Exploring the Potential Campus Impact (15 minutes)

We’ll begin with an overview of the Dobbs decision and discuss the current and potential impacts of the SCOTUS ruling. We’ll then look at the potential implications for students, faculty, and staff.



Examining Institutional Responses (30 minutes)

We’ll dive into real examples of institutional responses by examining public statements and official communications following the Dobbs decision. We'll pay close attention to factors such as the institution's mission, history, institution type, governance, and geographic location, to help you identify what your campus should consider as you move forward.



Considering Unit-Level Responses (15 minutes)

In addition to institutional responses, some divisions and departments are also acting in response to the decision. We’ll discuss what options unit-level leadership teams may have for response depending upon their institutional positioning and goals. This part of the session will focus on questions such as:

  • Which campus partners and other leaders should be involved when considering a response?
  • What can or should be discussed with faculty and staff as employees?
  • What should individual faculty and staff consider if students raise the issue?
  • What are some direct and indirect consequences that require short- and long-term consideration in terms of HR issues, campus policies, etc.?



Discussing Challenges and Solutions (30 minutes)

As each institution has an array of unique factors to consider and this issue is complex, our final segment will be dedicated to topics raised by the participants. Using a modified open-space meeting design, you will have the opportunity to engage in discussion with others around the challenges and solutions you’re most interested in.


female silhouette

Dr. Stephanie Troutman Robbins

Department Head of Gender & Women’s Studies, and Associate Professor of Gender and Women’s Studies and English, University of Arizona

Stephanie (she/her) is a Black feminist scholar, mother of three, and first-generation college student. She is a formally affiliated faculty member in Rhetoric, Composition and the Teaching of English, Africana Studies, the LGBT Institute, and Teaching, Learning & Sociocultural Studies. She received a dual-PhD in Curriculum & Instruction and Women’s Studies from the Pennsylvania State University in 2011. A former high school and middle grades public school teacher, Stephanie is a scholar-activist who has been recognized across a variety of community and campus spaces for her mentorship, student advocacy, and social justice leadership.

Read Stephanie's Full Bio.


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