Activity-Based Costing (ABC) for Academic Resource Management (Conference + Half-Day Pre-Conference Workshop + Free Webcast Recording)

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Activity Based Costing (ABC) analysis is a decision support tool for academic resource management and related financial decisions.  During this 1.5 day event, you will take an in-depth look at how the model improves decisions on program size, teaching methods, faculty workload, space utilization, staffing and enrollment decisions down to the course level.  Through these applications you will gain an in-depth understanding of data and analysis that can inform decisions about program investment and disinvestment, and the launching of new programs. You will learn:

  • How to conduct an activity analysis and incorporate indirect costs into your cost model
  • Ways to determine the economic impact of course redesign
  • How enrollment mix can influence the costs
  • Effects of unsponsored research and other non-time tabled activities on course and program margin
  • How to build excitement and responsibility for data on your campus
  • How to configure and scale your own ABC model

During the event, you will select a focus area for introducing ABC and learn strategies for piloting your own program back on your campus.

Online Training Included with Your Registration

This webcast recording will provide you detailed information on the components of the activity-based costing model and how it works and includes an ABC sample teaching tool in Excel that you can adapt to create an ABC model of your own. This is not a prerequisite for the conference, but may be helpful in laying the foundation of ABC.

Half-Day Workshop: A Budgeting Tool for Improved Academic Resource Management | December 5, 2018

This optional workshop prior to the main conference on Wednesday afternoon is facilitated by Bill Massy, author of the critically acclaimed book, Reengineering the University.  You will work with teams to simulate an analytical approach to budgeting using a beta tool in Excel.  This tool can improve the normally difficult and chaotic process of resource allocation by providing a new level of objectivity and analysis to support constructive budgeting discussions on your campus. Copies of the tool, with operating instructions and descriptive material, will be supplied for take-home use.


Robert Brodnick, Ph.D., Co-Founder, Sierra Learning Solutions

Mark C. Hampton, Executive Vice President for Strategy and Operations, Washington College

Bill Massy, Consultant to Higher Education, Former CFO at Stanford

Donald M. Norris, President, Strategic Initiatives, Inc.

Lea Patterson, President/CEO, Pilbara

Anthony Pember, Senior Manager, Decision Analytics Service Line, Grant Thornton LLP