How to Integrate Career Readiness into Curricula with Digital Badging (Webcast Recording Only)



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Employers report that recent graduates lack in career readiness and do not possess key skills such as communication, leadership, cultural sensitivity, and career management. However, research shows this is more of a communications gap than an actual skills gap. In reality, students are learning these competencies, but haven’t yet developed the skills to identify them, articulate them, and apply them in the workplace. How you can help students connect the dots between their coursework, experience, and the competencies sought by employers?

The Career Readiness Badging Program at the University of South Florida incorporates a framework widely adopted and used by faculty in their curricula. Within this framework, faculty can select a competency that is best reflected through in the coursework and then align it with the program. The ease of use of this kind of “plug-and-play” model is particularly appealing to faculty, while helping students become career ready. The flexibility of this model supports students no matter where they are in their academic journey, what discipline they’re coming from, or career they’re heading to.

Join us for this webcast and learn how USF is using this innovative model to certify students in different career competencies through digital badging with a very limited budget.

Who Should Attend

Career services professionals who are looking to partner with faculty to help students prepare for and succeed in the workplace will find this webcast beneficial. Faculty and deans looking for ways to embed these competencies within curricula will also benefit.


Lynn Chisholm, M.S., CPM, Director, Office of Internships and Career Readiness, University of South Florida

Peter Thorsett, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Communications and Research, Community Engagement | Student Affairs & Student Success, University of South Florida


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