Stephen Whitehead Press Release

portrait of Stephen Whitehead

Dr. Stephen H. Whitehead Appointed Head of Practice – Academic Innovation for Academic Impressions

September 16

Denver, CO — Academic Impressions specializes in leadership and professional development for higher education faculty and staff. With a team about 40 FTE and a network of more than 500 subject matter experts, Academic Impressions has trained nearly 200,000 faculty and staff at more than 3,500 institutions since its founding in 2002.

As a nimble and forward-looking organization, Academic Impressions is excited to announce the appointment of Dr. Stephen H. Whitehead as their first Head of Practice for Academic Innovation. Dr. Whitehead, a native of Pittsburgh, PA, will develop business, manage complex client engagements, and create, and facilitate content while crafting strategy for Academic Impressions’ Academic Innovation space.

Dr. Whitehead brings 20 years of experience having previously served as faculty and administrator at California University of Pennsylvania (now Penn West University). Whitehead is certain that curiosity, which is the engine of innovation, needs to be strategically supported on campuses by leaders at all levels. Dr. Whitehead believes innovation will only succeeds within organizations that exhibit cultures of empathy. One of his favorite quotes is from Fred Rogers: “In times of stress the best thing we can do for each other is to listen with our ears and hearts and be assured that our questions are just as important as our answers.”

“I’m excited to have the opportunity to join Academic Impressions’ amazing team in this capacity. Academic Impressions recognizes that higher education cannot stand still while the world around it changes. The opportunity to adapt and determine the next steps in our educational evolution is important, “said Whitehead. “Academic Impressions has been helping colleges engage in important conversations for years and I’m excited to connect and reconnect with colleagues across the country who are serious about making real change on their campuses and in their communities.”