Title IX Coordinator Training & Certification 2.0

Title IX Coordinator Training & Certification 2.0


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Learn how to better navigate the challenges as an advanced or seasoned Title IX Coordinator and confidently lead your campus efforts.

Seasoned Title IX Coordinators, having moved beyond the basic job responsibilities in their comprehensive professional role, are now faced with increasingly pressing challenges due to the changing legal landscape of Title IX legislation. This intimate workshop-style training will better prepare you to successfully meet the demanding and changing needs of your role.

Join us for this conference to build your diverse skill set and learn best practices for:

  • Interpreting and managing necessary changes of proposed Title IX regulations
  • Navigating and differentiating how state and federal laws intersect and inform campus policies and procedures
  • Appropriately responding to the growing complexity of cases involving diverse students on campus
  • Leading efforts to inform and educate the campus community on policies, rights, reporting options, and resources
  • Develop a living plan to satisfy annual training requirements for critical partners

During the program, you’ll have direct access to our instructor’s legal and professional expertise to discuss real-time challenges and issues you’re working through on your campus. You’ll also have time to connect with other attendees and to build a network of supportive colleagues from across higher ed. You will walk away with more confidence and with a toolbox of practical applications to help you further succeed in your role.

If you have less experience in this role, our Title IX Coordinator Training & Certification 1.0 event will be a better fit for your needs. If you are unsure which program is the best fit for you, please reach out to Rabia Khan Harvey.

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Who Should Attend

Seasoned Title IX Coordinators and Deputies who have served in this role for over three years and have mastered the management of cases, facilitated or oversaw training programs, and have established themselves as the Title IX campus expert would benefit from attending this conference. General Counsel and Student Affairs or Human Resources Leadership who provide supervision or direct counsel to their Title IX Coordinator and Deputies would also benefit from attending this conference.


Certificate of Completion

After completing this conference, you will receive a certificate of completion to demonstrate your knowledge of the material covered during this training.

“I feel more prepared to do my duties as Title IX Coordinator after attending this training. The information was great and was presented in a way to understand and start applying when I get back to work. Thank you!"
- Janice Fordree, Title IX Coordinator, Sherman College of Chiropractic

Read what past attendees have said about this event.

“Comprehensive program that provided a strong foundation. Extremely applicable! The conference gave me tangible pieces to take back to my campus and put into action right away."
- Laura Pantano, VPSA, NHTI—Concord’s Community College


Day 1

1:00 - 6:00 p.m.


Registration & Introductions



Interpreting & Applying Title IX Changes for your Campus

In this session, you will have the opportunity to review and discuss any changes made to Title IX federal law and what these changes mean for your current policies and procedures. A discussion around new definitions, processes, and procedures will be facilitated to best equip you with resources and tools to bring back to campus to make necessary changes and/or how to best prepare your campus for these changes. From these discussions, you will be able to explain and define at least 5-7 major changes to the Title IX law and to suggest edits for policy revisions and/or identify how these changes will be communicated to you campus.



Intersections of Federal and State Laws & Application to Complex Cases

The growing complexity of “intersecting” federal and state laws can be confusing, especially when it’s associated with a Title IX issue. How do these laws relate to each other and why does it matter? In this session, you will learn how Title IX relates to various laws, including the Higher Education Act, Title IV, the Clery Act, the Violence Against Women Act, FERPA, among others. You’ll work through a case study to identify and explain how some of these laws could be applied and why they are necessary to understand and interpret.



Networking Reception


Day 2

8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.


Managing Complex Cases

Many seasoned Title IX Coordinators have learned about and have had to manage complex cases on the job through experience during a preliminary or formal investigation. When these difficult problems arise on your campus, you should feel armed with at least the basic information that would allow you to appreciate the complexity of these issues on the front-end before they get more complicated. In this session, our expert speaker will present and discuss complex cases involving retaliation/cross complaints, pregnant/parenting students, minors (such asTitle IX dual enrolled students, early college admitted students, etc.), and international/study abroad students. You will learn how to be more aware of the vast array of complexities involved in Title IX cases across campuses.



Long-Term Planning for Your Title IX Programmatic Efforts

One of the critical roles that still falls on the shoulders of Title IX Coordinators – in terms of oversight and supervision – is the responsibility to provide ongoing programmatic efforts to educate the campus community as it relates to reporting options and resources available to reporting parties, presenting and interpreting the non-discrimination/sexual harassment policies, and any additional programming specific to a campus’ culture and identity or issues that address systemic problems of the campus’ sex/gender discrimination. In this session, you will develop a long-term plan (outline and timeline) of the upcoming academic year’s Title IX programmatic efforts, while keeping in mind your institutional context, type, and size.



Advancing Campus Wide Title IX Training Efforts

Designated responsible employees, Title IX investigators, hearing panelists, appellate officers, Title IX steering committees, and some other campus leaders rely heavily on the direction and guidance of their Title IX Coordinator. You are responsible to provide ongoing training and professional development opportunities so that these officials understand the complex functions of their volunteered or professional roles. During this session, you will identify the various training needs for each designated group as well as conduct a gap analysis and establish a training timeline for at least one group on your campus.



Tips for Collaborating with Critical Campus Partners

Has your campus ever been scrutinized by news or social media outlets related to a Title IX investigation under your supervision? Has your campus’ leadership ever conducted an internal audit of your Title IX Department and were disappointed in the findings? How has it been working with your general counsel? What is your office’s current working relationship with members of your Behavioral Intervention Teams and has it been effective? Our expert speaker will provide tips and advice on how to best work with critical partners such as Public Relations, Office of the President, and General Counsel, and also how to establish yourself as the expert Title IX leader on campus who is prepared for these difficult conversations and situations.



Conference Wrap-Up & Evaluations


Title IX Expert Bev Baligad

Bev Baligad

Director of Compliance/Title IX Coordinator, University of Hawai'i - West O'ahu

For over 14 years, Bev has gained extensive experience in the development and implementation of key compliance areas such as training, investigations, programming/awareness events, process reviews, and case management. She has also been a member of the Michigan State Bar since 2004.

Read Bev's full bio here.

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