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On-Campus Workshops

AI is uniquely positioned to be a valuable resource for your institution.

Building Education and Awareness

If you’re trying to kick off or cultivate buy-in for a particular initiative, AI can develop a collaborative workshop that generates awareness and ownership of the issue across campus. Starting with a needs assessment and culminating in an on-campus workshop, our staff and faculty can present models of best practice, help you analyze current approaches and challenges, facilitate tough conversations, help you craft an action plan, and gain support or buy-in from all of the critical players.

An on-campus workshop can help:

  • Create awareness and understanding of the topic among key stakeholders
  • Allow key people to invest in particular outcomes and commit to their roles in reaching a shared goal
  • Get teams moving and give them tools and techniques needed to work together more effectively

Topic examples:

  • Establishing an initiative for a one-stop shop in enrollment management
  • Defining roles in retention and student success
  • Gaining buy-in for a student philanthropy initiative
  • Rethinking your approach to advancement
  • Developing stronger academic/advancement partnerships
  • Positioning your board members to identify and cultivate donors
  • Creating a road map for sustainability

Collaboratively Developing Strategies and Plans

Our strategy and planning workshops can build your team’s capacity and empower you to create your own solutions to your most critical challenges. Whether we come to your campus for a one-day workshop or develop a series of workshops that support you through the length of particular project, AI empowers your internal team to drive the project forward rather than hiring outside consultants to take the lead. This leads to greater ownership and credibility of the solutions, and a higher likelihood of success.

An on-campus workshop partnership will help you:

  • Evaluate your campus climate to help uncover barriers to success and build an effective task force around a particular issue or project
  • Connect industry experts and practitioners with the key decision-makers at your institution
  • Craft a highly customized, collaborative, facilitated action planning workshop or workshops

Topic examples:

  • Campus-wide strategic planning
  • Departmental strategic planning
  • Prioritizing academic and administrative program task-force training
  • Emergency response –- planning, identifying roles, and testing
  • Crisis communication and planning
  • Process, HR, and space planning for your one-stop enrollment management center
  • Establishing a framework for co-curricular assessment
  • Sustainability collaborative goal setting and planning

Building Skills and Knowledge

If you have a core group who needs training in a particular area, our skill-building workshops can be a more effective and more cost-effective way to build knowledge and meet your training outcomes, whether you’re looking for content delivery, hands-on training, or a "train the trainer" program.

Key features and components of a skill-building workshop:

  • Outcomes-based learning objectives drive the experience
  • Interactive working sessions and activities help keep people engaged
  • Focused attention from facilitators and subject matter experts
  • Content is customized to the unique needs of your institution

Topic examples:

  • Customer service training
  • Online and hybrid instructional strategies
  • Copyright and fair use policies
  • Assessment training: writing learning outcomes and developing rubrics and matrices

Academic Impressions offers a variety of workshops across campus. Below are some of our key areas of focus.

  • Outcomes-Based Assessment for Student Affairs
    Whether you are trying to develop a framework for assessment across your student affairs division or you need to train your staff to write and use learning outcomes and rubrics in their programs, these hands-on workshops will allow you to build a positive culture of assessment in student affairs.
  • Retention and Early Alert
    AI offers collaborative retention workshops that bring a cross-campus team together to identify the largest retention needs and develop a plan to tackle those needs. We can also design a workshop for your retention team and faculty to develop an early alert strategy and train on tactics for identifying and supporting at-risk students.
  • Integrated Student Service Delivery (One-Stop Shop)
    We can partner with your institution to understand the enrollment/student services process from the student’s point of view and then work with your whole team to brainstorm the development of work flow, HR considerations, and space design that make sense for students and staff.
  • Advancement Partnerships and Strategies
    AI offers workshops that focus on the donor relationship and the importance of partnering with institutional leadership, including academics and boards, to more meaningfully engage donors. We offer customized workshops in development/academic partnerships, fundraising for boards, and engagement-focused fundraising for your entire advancement shop.
  • Faculty Development
    If you are moving courses online, incorporating technology into the classroom, or redeveloping your institutional copyright/fair use policy, AI can design training for your faculty to arm them with online or hybrid instructional strategies for their changing roles or bring them up to speed on the latest copyright/fair use information and laws to ensure better institutional compliance.
  • Academic and Administrative Program Prioritization
    We can design a workshop that includes exercises and facilitative formats you can use to lead your campus through the process of determining which programs should be continued, expanded, or eliminated by collaboratively developing and weighting criteria that make sense for your institution. Our approach focuses on inclusiveness, collaboration, and transparency.
  • Campus-wide Strategic Planning
    We can design and facilitate an educational workshop on your campus that guides your group through the strategic planning process in a highly participative manner to build awareness and transparency. These workshops also provide your group with the skills to facilitate the strategic planning process on campus.
  • Student Philanthropy
    These workshops bring a cross-campus team together to develop strategies for creating a culture of student philanthropy on campus, using the AI approach of building awareness, developing gratitude, and cultivating giving.
  • Crisis Planning and Readiness
    AI can custom-design a campus workshop to help your institution be prepared in all capacities for campus crises. Whether you need to update your crisis plan, test your plan by simulating a crisis on your campus, or are interested in creating a student threat assessment team and plan, let AI design something that meets your institution’s specific needs.
  • Sustainability Action Planning
    Higher education institutions globally are recognizing the importance of sustainability, but many struggle with knowing where to begin or how to develop the grassroots initiatives already in play. Drawing on six core checkpoints, AI’s approach to sustainability programming lets you discover how you can help your institution to have a truly comprehensive sustainability program.

This is just a sample of the topics for which we can provide expertise and guidance. Please contact us at 720.488.6800 to learn more or to request help with a topic or need specific to your campus.