A Higher Ed Specific Online Membership: Live and On-Demand Learning

Solve Your Most Pressing Challenges

Academic Impressions Membership includes programs that will help you and your faculty and staff to:

  • Lead in ways that create a culture of inclusivity and a sense of belonging
  • Challenge old ways of doing things and find creative solutions
  • Re-engage mid-career faculty who might be feeling stuck or burned out
  • Build a pathway for leaders who are ready and willing to take on leadership roles
  • Cultivate relationships with donors that increase the chances of major gifts

What is Membership?

Membership with Academic Impressions is a 12-month online professional development subscription specifically designed for deans, chairs, supervisors, faculty, and staff in higher ed.

Access to a continuously expanding library of live online trainings, designed to be practical, discussion-based, and highly experiential

Unlimited anytime, anywhere access to on-demand trainings and resources that you can engage with on your own time from the convenience of your workspace

New trainings every week, designed to respond to the latest needs of the higher ed community

$250 discount on multi-week cohort-based bootcamps and roundtables as well as in-person conferences

Members receive access to content across these collections and more:

The membership this past year has been invaluable. I have learned something new and a different way of thinking than before. Any staff/faculty/administrator who is permitted a membership will not be disappointed.

Shellie Armstrong

Administrative Associate, Sam Houston State University

I am appreciative of Academic Impressions' offerings. Professional development is paramount, and this platform allows us to advance ourselves personally and professionally in a cost-effective model and flexible learning environment.

Johnyelle Lee

Senior Director of Advancement Services, Elizabeth City State University

My membership to Academic Impressions is exactly what I hoped it would be. I have been able to routinely schedule PD for myself and feel like this is one of the reliable sources of guidance and expertise as I navigate my pathway in higher education.

Jessica Muhlin

Chair, Corning School of Ocean Studies; Professor of Marine Biology, Maine Maritime Academy

During the past year, I participated in three different offerings from Academic Impressions covering three different topics. All three offerings were *outstanding* and contributed greatly to my professional development. Keep up the good programming!

Pitt Tomlinson

Director of Prospect Management, Research and Analytics, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Build the capacity of your Deans, Chairs, Supervisors, Faculty, and Staff to confront your toughest challenges.

Which Membership is Right For you You?

Small Team

I need 1-50 licenses for  me and my small team/department.

Large Team or Campus-Wide

I need 100+ licenses for my large team, or department, or I want to implement campus-wide.