Employment Opportunities

At this time Academic Impressions is hiring for the following positions:

The Associate Account Manager is responsible for building and maintaining long-term relationships with Academic Impressions’ members through active service and engagement. The AAM will manage, maintain, and grow a portfolio of accounts with the intent of ensuring Academic Impressions is an integral part of each member’s professional development operation. This role requires strong customer service skills, oral and written communication, and technical savvy, as well as an understanding of Higher Education. Learn More

The Customer Relations Manager is responsible for representing Academic Impressions (AI) to external audiences such as our customers, members, and subject matter experts through the management of incoming and outgoing communication channels, the management of agreements and travel and corresponding processing of payments and reimbursements for speakers at AI events, as well as maintaining the internal processes to support these responsibilities. This role is best suited for individuals who are operations and process-minded. As time and capacity allows, this will also include some support of leadership assessments as part of our bootcamps and customized programs. It is a detail-oriented role that requires experience with customer service and meticulous process management in a fast-paced environment. Learn More

The Learning & Development Manager (LDM) creates professional development and training programs for higher education professionals. It is a challenging, fast-paced, dynamic, and multi-faceted role that requires adaptability and a willingness to experiment and take risks. Learn More

Academic Impressions is a dynamic and growing organization that provides high quality learning opportunities for academic and administrative leaders in higher education.

Because we work in so many corners of higher education administration, we have a global perspective on how institutions operate and bring that to bear on each of our programs. We are looking for bright, dedicated individuals to join our team; individuals who wish to think holistically about the challenges facing colleges and universities.

We value our independence and objectivity and are looking for others with practical mindsets who want to effect change across a large and diverse set of institutions. Having worked with thousands of institutions, we invite you to join our team to help us deepen and widen our impact.