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Our resources help students build specific skills that employers are looking for using rigorous training, models, and case studies to engage them. AAC&U research indicates that employers find there is a gap in preparation in students’ ability to critically think, communicate orally, solve complex problems, and be adaptable and flexible – we focus on closing that gap.

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Students who invest in their leadership skills are more likely to graduate on time and be successful in their first careers.

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Training and resources designed for students in modular and flexible ways.

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Harness over two decades of leadership training experience from our team of experts. Let us assist you in integrating our resources into your initiatives or provide guidance on student leadership issues you may be encountering 

How We Help

While we can customize how we work with individual institutions, we recommend incorporating our 21st Century Leadership Skills course or other just-in-time resources into existing student leadership training or curricula.

Our programming is designed to help in the following areas:

Internship or Business Immersion Training Programs

Internships and global business immersion programs can serve as high impact practices and provide students with the experience needed to understand the modern workplace. But students do not always bring in skills like working in diverse teams, critical thinking and creativity, and communication – key skills to help them be successful in these practices. As you prepare students for these programs, consider incorporating our resources to address these skills explicitly.

Academic Leadership Programs

Many academic departments are developing leadership programs to help students connect what they are learning in the classroom to future success, and they often help students demonstrate that knowledge through microcredentials or badges earned across a curriculum. Our just-in-time resources can help support your faculty in developing skills-based programs.

Student Worker Training

Student employment on campus is a valuable experience in developing employability skills, but students often report not having the opportunity to grow through campus jobs. Enhance your student worker training by helping students connect their experience to their future careers, using our resources to build out a leadership-focused portion of the training.

Student Leadership Certificate

Student leadership positions suffered from a lack of engagement through the pandemic, and many institutions report that today’s students do not see the value of student leadership experience for their future careers. Revitalize your student leadership certificate with a focus on skills-based learning.

Just-In-Time Resources

We have resources that are designed to easily integrate into your existing programs or can stand alone as a plug and play model. Examples of these include:

  • 21st Century Leadership Skills – a course that covers communication, cross-cultural understanding, working in diverse teams, critical thinking, and creativity.
  • Design Thinking - A 5-day program to help students solve complex problems in bite-sized 30-minute lessons.
  • Maximize Your Public Speaking by Overcoming Your Discomfort – An on-demand course designed to help build public speaking confidence.
  • Many, many more.

Here are examples of how we can partner with institutions to help equip students with the 21st century skills they need to succeed.

Leadership Retreat

We can combine our unique leadership self-assessment with the innovative methods of LEGO® Serious Play® techniques in a one-day workshop.

This workshop will help your students connect their leadership experience and skills directly with their future careers. Use this workshop as a kick-off to a leadership program, as an introduction to an internship course, or as a reflection opportunity for students completing a leadership experience.

Enhancing a Student Leadership Program with the Five Paths to Leadership Self-Assessment℠

One public university wanted to focus on developing soft and leadership skills for its students for their development and so that they could better serve the institution as frontline representatives.

While they had internal training, they needed a tool to help start the conversation with students around leadership, particularly one that could be easily adapted for use with different cohorts of students. We partnered with the institution to roll out the Five Paths to Leadership℠ Self-Assessment to their students. Through the Five Paths to Leadership℠, students explored their predominant leadership styles, how those changed under stress, and how to better interact with people with other styles. The assessment was successfully rolled out to multiple unique student cohorts, including those involved in research, those with frontline positions, and those who represented the school in non-academic settings.

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