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The Seduction of the Leader in Higher Education


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The growing spate of votes of no confidence in institutional leaders is concerning, as it suggests a diagnostic of low trust, lack of meaningful engagement between leaders and constituents, and limited communication. Without access to unfiltered information—honest concerns, suggestions, and ideas—leaders risk being seduced into thinking that they are on the right path and that everyone is firmly behind them, when this may not be the case.

In this paper, Patrick Sanaghan and Kimberly Eberbach offers key insights into this dynamic and review nine specific steps that you can take to minimize this "seduction of the leader."

Leadership Essentials for Higher Education

Do you have the leadership skills to effectively address higher education’s complex future?

This practically focused, two-day leadership program with Mary Hinton (Mount Saint Mary College) and Patrick Sanaghan (The Sanaghan Group) will provide you with tools and strategies that will enable you to develop the leadership skills and perspectives needed to effectively navigate the increasing complexity facing higher education.

What makes this program different from other resources out there?

  1. This program provides practical tools and models—representing the best research in leadership development and organizational change. These tools, along with the skills you will develop during the conference, are unique to the leadership experience in higher education and can be used immediately.
  2. This program addresses three key dimensions of leadership effectiveness:
    • Understanding yourself, your values, and your innate leadership skills and attitudes;
    • Learning how to leverage your self-understanding—when working with groups, teams, and task forces—to ensure you are using effective tools and practices;
    • Mastering the complexity of campus cultures and systems and understanding how to navigate and lead within them effectively.

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