2020 Fiscal Year-End Enterprise Packages

2020 Fiscal Year-End Enterprise Packages


Get access to higher ed specific online training at your fingertips.

Gain access to a collection of resources to help you:

  • Navigate unprecedented challenges presented by the current pandemic/COVID-19 crisis
  • Equip faculty with tools and skills they need for online instruction
  • Support advancement shops with fundraising efforts and more
  • Migrate student support services to online platforms
  • Empower women on your team with continuous and personalized professional development
  • Provide leadership, personal development and skills-based training to all faculty and staff

Online membership includes training across ALL learning domains - including leadership development. This online library is available 365/24/7 and serves as a critical professional and leadership development resource for both faculty and staff.


Access our online training library for your entire institution!

Choose from various enterprise membership packages based on the size of your institution.

  • $250 off all in-person conferences
  • In-depth webcasts featuring best practices and supplemental resources
  • Engaging and instructional videos
  • Research-based reports exploring critical issues facing the industry
  • Articles and whitepapers with tips, how-to's, and case studies
  • Tools, templates, and other resources that can help you do your job better immediately
  • 2-3 day virtual conferences providing in-depth instruction and valuable networking opportunities


Implementation Package

Enterprise-wide memberships require an additional implementation package to help you get the most out of your membership.

  • We will do the heavy lifting and ensure your institutional team is aware of the resources available and is set up for success
  • We will get connected to various teams and departments so that they know who to reach out to for resources and training around adoption and utilization
  • We will also gather information on your team's training needs so that we can ensure your needs are met through the resources we produce
  • We are a small, hands-on company with a personal touch - our account managers will be available for consultation and support to ensure your team is connected to the the right resources at the right time
Learn More About Fiscal Year-End Membership Options for My Entire Institution

Package Options - Choose Based on the Size of Your Institution

  • Small: under 1,000 FTE employees*
  • Medium: 1,000 – 2,000 FTE employees*
  • Large: 2,001 or more FTE employees*

* Pricing per accredited institution. Price guarantee for 3-year agreement.

Existing Members: Need more users because everyone is now off-campus? Call our Membership Advisor on 720.988.1257 for a special promotion to add users.



(under 1,000 FTE employees)*



(1,000 – 2,000 FTE employees)*



(2,001 or more FTE employees)*


* Pricing per accredited institution. Price guarantee for 3-year agreement.