A Quick Assessment for Your Phonathon Scripts

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This is the third in a series on donor acquisition by Jessica Neno Cloud, CFRE, the author of Successful Fundraising Calls: A Phonathon Scripting Workshop. Cloud is the assistant director for fundraising initiatives and planned giving at the University of Southern Mississippi Foundation. She practices evidence-based fundraising with a focus on return on investment, and has a variety of innovative and effective techniques to share.

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It’s approaching the time of year when a phonathon manager might be able to take a quick breath to plan and prepare for a busy fall. If you are managing a call center, one of the tasks on your summer to-do list is to review and revise your phonathon scripts. Especially if your fundraising priorities do not change, it can be quite a challenge to know where to begin. You’ll want to make the language fresh but keep it simple for callers to follow. You (and your managers) will also be hoping to make tweaks to the script that will result in more dollars and donors next year.

I’ve designed the quiz below to help you evaluate where you are with your scripting strategy. The quiz consists of five quick questions which should give you an idea of what your scripts are doing well and where your areas of opportunity lie. If you find the quiz helpful as a starting point, I invite you to consider my book, Successful Fundraising Calls: A Phonathon Scripting Workshop. This guide will provide you with:

  • An in-depth analysis of the guiding principles behind phonathon scripting
  • A number of before-and-after sample scripts
  • Templates to get you started
  • Several helpful appendices concerning call center motivation and training

A Quick Quiz to Assess Your Phonathon Scripts

You can download a printer-friendly pdf version of this quiz here.

Quick Quiz to Assess Your Phonathon Scripts