Beating Turnover in Higher Ed

Beating Turnover in Higher Ed

3 New Findings From Academic Impressions

Based on a survey of 2,577 higher-ed professionals.

Infographic: Beating Turnover in Higher Ed



  • 71% of higher education employees would be more likely to stay at their institution if they had increased access to professional development.
  • Department leaders over-estimate how much support they are providing for professional development.
  • One in three higher-ed staff report that the culture of their department is not supportive of learning and growth.
  • When a department doesn't have a learning culture, six times as many staff report that they're extremely likely to leave the institution.
  • Department leaders say professional development is important, but it is rarely incentivized or accounted for in performance appraisal, and in higher ed, most supervisors do not work with their staff to develop personalized professional development plans.
  • Professional development is key to building the capacity of your staff and decreasing turnover.

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