Looking at 2020: How is Annual
Giving Changing?

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Many annual giving shops struggle with stagnant or underperforming annual giving programs, trapped in traditional approaches that work a little less effectively with each passing year. As we look forward, we wanted to invite a panel of experts to share their perspective on the changing landscape of annual giving. We asked three questions of Dan Frezza, associate vice president for lifetime philanthropic engagement and annual giving at William & Mary; Molly Robbins, director of institutional advancement at Gladwyne Montessori School; and Melissa Rowan, assistant vice president for strategic initiatives at Iowa State University:

  1. How is the landscape of annual giving changing?
  2. In light of that, and looking ahead, what are the key steps to set up your program for long term success?
  3. What is one mistake annual giving programs make too often?

Here is what they shared with us. They will also be speaking on these topics in depth at our next Institute for Annual Giving.

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Hear More

Breathe new life into your annual giving program. We invite you to join this panel for a three-day conference that will showcase the most successful tactics in annual giving and help you develop a comprehensive plan to improve your shop’s efforts. Dan, Molly, and Melissa will be joined by Brian Daugherty, and together, they will share key strategies that underpin the strongest annual giving programs and provide innovative solutions to your most difficult challenges.


Join us at our next Institute for Annual Giving.