Report: The Skills Future Higher-Ed Leaders Need to Succeed

How do you lead when there is no map? When the territory is unknown?

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Cover Image of Report: Skills Higher-Ed Leaders Need to Succeed

In the “permanent whitewater” of higher education, we will need leaders who are:

  1. Anticipatory thinkers.
  2. Risk tolerant and supportive of creativity and innovation.
  3. Effective conveners/brokers/facilitators.
  4. Courageous decision makers.
  5. Resilient and able to “bounce forward” after a crisis or setback.

Drawing on extensive research and conversations with leaders across higher-ed, this 30-page paper is meant open the conversation. We invite you to read it, discuss it with others on your campus, and continue the conversation. You can reach out to one of the authors, Amit Mrig, at