The Physical Campus: A Critical Asset, a Key Opportunity – Second Edition

An urban college campus
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This report includes four chapters:

  • Rethinking Your Capital Planning Process: Focusing on the Student Experience
  • Improving Student Learning with Well-Designed Student Life Facilities
  • Improving Student Learning with Well-Designed Academic Facilities
  • Funding Facilities and Facilities Improvements in the Current Market

Reconsidering the Physical Campus

Improvement and stewardship of the physical campus is key to your institution's competitiveness. It is critical to treat your physical campus as a resource, and manage it effectively and efficiently.

With more intentional management of your facilities, you can:

  • Positively impact college choice (for students and faculty)
  • Foster learning and student success
  • Foster a sense of community and pride in the campus
  • Better prioritize needed renovation and new construction

Yet too often, institutions make ad hoc and reactive decisions. And just as often, critical decisions are made without all of the key voices at the table -- from academic leaders to the registrar, student housing, and facilities management.

For this report, we've interviewed officials from across the college campus who have shown proven success in fostering cross-campus planning and buy-in around investments in physical facilities. These experts from the trenches bring outside-the-box thinking and a strategic, proactive perspective. We hope their advice will be useful to you.

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