Building Your Career Network: The Relationships Every Faculty Member Needs to Nurture


Building Your Career Network: The Relationships Every Faculty Member Needs to Nurture

Build a multi-faceted and strategic network that is comprised of mutually valuable and personally meaningful relationships to help you realize your career goals and amplify the impact of your work.

Faculty know they need to actively develop their research, teaching, and service leadership. By contrast, networking is often seen as something that “just happens” or is an “added bonus” that is not essential to faculty success. Yet networking doesn’t just happen, and it is far more vital than many realize. Networking is more than talking well at social events—it’s about intentionally cultivating unique relationships with people who can step up for you, provide you with guidance and feedback, know your professional goals, and offer support, encouragement, and accountability so that your work has the impact you want it to have.

In this video course, we will present five relationships that are essential to faculty networks. You will learn the unique value of each of these relationships, as well as specific strategies for building them. You will identify the limiting beliefs and practices around asking for guidance (e.g., “I feel like a burden”) and sharing your goals (e.g., “this feels like shameless self-promotion"). In their place, you will learn how to utilize mindsets of generosity and strategic vulnerability in your approach to networking. Using our scripts and numerous examples of language as a guide, you will learn how to “make an ask” that people will say “yes” to. Ultimately, through the lessons in this course, you will learn how to build a multi-faceted and strategic network that is comprised of mutually valuable and personally meaningful relationships that will help realize your career goals, amplify the impact of your work, and bolster the successes of everyone in your network.

This course will benefit:

  • Early career academics, including faculty, instructors, adjuncts, and postdocs, who are looking to build their networks.
  • Academics stepping into new leadership roles inside and outside of their institution.

This course is for academics who:

  • Want a systematic method for building, growing, or updating their network.
  • Want to connect more deeply with others professionally.
  • Feel uncomfortable, awkward, shy, or “too introverted” to network.
  • Want to increase their collaborations and foster a sense of belonging in their communities.
  • Want to build a network that is mutually supportive and reciprocally beneficial.
  • Want to increase the likelihood that senior leaders and potential mentors will respond “yes” when they ask for guidance and advice.
  • Seek to maximize their networks to their full potential.

The following lessons are included with this course.

Course Highlights

  • 1 hr, 34 mins of video instruction
  • 26 short videos
  • 1 downloadable workbook
  • Valued at $495. Free for members.

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Professional portrait of Allison DiBianca

Allison DiBianca Fasoli, Ph.D.

Allison DiBianca Fasoli, Ph.D. is a faculty coach, leadership coach, and a psychological researcher and educator. She coaches clients around career growth and career decisions, work-life balance, branding, leading others, and defining visions for their teams. She helps scholars, researchers, and writers increase their scholarly productivity (without working more!), transform their writing practices and processes, clarify their conceptual ideas, and grow their scholarly voices. Allison also offers writing consultations to help clients present themselves and their work persuasively in writing– from cover letters to promotion materials to personal websites.

Drawing on her expertise in psychology, Allison’s coaching process is informed by decades of experience researching and teaching about concepts related to learning processes, motivation, decision-making, self-concepts and identity, and theories of human growth and development. She supports clients in building their self-awareness and in taking small action steps in order to achieve their professional goals. For some, this process can involve working through feelings of uncertainty, indecision, second-guessing, procrastination, and negative self-talk. For others, this involves attending to conflicted interpersonal relations, handling difficult colleagues, and addressing relational pressures. By asking powerful questions, offering insight and connections, and attuning to client’s personal strengths and energies, Allison helps clients to clarify what they want, open possibilities for action, and make decisions that they can trust.

Allison earned her Ph.D. in Human Development from the University of Chicago and her Coaching certificate from Emory University. She is currently earning an advanced degree in counseling and clinical psychology. She also has training in Academic Coaching through Landmark College, and training in scholarly writing through the University of Chicago’s Writing Program. She is a nationally-funded, mixed methods researcher with ten years of experience in higher education, who continues to teach and research in psychology.

Whether clients are feeling over-committed, anxious, stuck, or simply want to increase their research productivity and leadership skills, Allison’s aim is to help clients improve their professional work and personal well-being at the same time. Her goal is such that those in higher education can engage more intentionally and with greater energy, clarity, and confidence.

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