Checklist: Ways Campus Housing Directors Can Improve Campus Sustainability

Image of a student with a backpack on campus

Given the nature of their work, campus housing directors are in a unique position to work with students, staff, and faculty and establish themselves as leaders in campus sustainability efforts.

What could you do at your campus? Here is a checklist of ways in which campus housing directors can work to improve sustainability in construction, education, student leadership, purchasing, and recycling.

How many of these are you currently doing?

How many could you be doing?

I recommend sharing the checklist below with your colleagues to start some critical conversations.

(View larger version.)

If you’re thinking of creating a campus housing sustainability initiative, make sure to

  • Include sustainability in department strategic planning
  • Create campus partnerships
  • Engage students in all aspects of planning
  • Operationalize sustainability into all aspects of the department
  • Assess your plan and show quantifiable results to the campus community

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