Conversations that Matter: The Other Higher Ed Bubble

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In our recent paper The Other Higher Ed Bubble, we argued college and university leaders need to act now and make fundamental changes to how they operate in order to ensure a sustainable future. This will mean holding critical conversations across your campus, defining the right problems to solve in the next 5-10 years, challenging old assumptions, and focusing on factors within your institution’s control.

In the following two podcasts in our series Conversations that Matter, we asked higher-education experts Bob Dickeson, Larry Goldstein, Lucie Lapovsky, John Lombardi, and Pat Sanaghan to offer practical advice for starting these conversations and review five examples of institutions that have taken bold action to redefine themselves in a changing industry.

Podcast: A Call to Action for Higher-Ed Leaders

Hear from the Experts:
John Lombardi – at 1:25.
Larry Goldstein & Lucie Lapovsky – at 9:52.
Bob Dickeson & Pat Sanaghan – at 18:29.

Podcast: Bold Leadership in Higher Ed: 5 Examples

5 Examples:
John Lombardi discusses Arizona State University – at 0.50.
Larry Goldstein discusses the University of Hartford – at 6:34.
Lucie Lapovsky discusses Cedar Crest College – at 13:01.
Pat Sanaghan discusses Abilene Christian University – at 18:17.
Bob Dickeson discusses Rio Salado College and Western Governors University – at 25:45.