The College of The Future: Academic Program Innovation for Tomorrow’s Student

With the rapid pace of changing student demand, shifting institutional priorities, and ballooning costs today, it’s more challenging than ever to compete for enrollment. In this webinar, we’ll share a rubric for evaluating new program opportunities and discuss how to use a portfolio management approach to innovate your academic offerings while lowering departmental costs. We’ll […]

Academic Program Management: Making Data-Informed Decisions

Decision-making around academic programs is too often driven by gut feelings or internal interests. While institutional judgment is important, program decisions ultimately need to be anchored in data to ensure the program is viable and competitive in today’s market. Join us for a webcast that will help you make more data-informed decisions around your academic […]

Courageous Gardening: Equity Minded Leadership in Higher Education

In Courageous Gardening: Equity-Minded Leadership in Higher Education, authors Susan C. Turell and Maria Thompson invite you to become a master gardener of your campus or departmental landscape—and provide a practical workbook for doing so. There are no easy tips and tricks here; instead, this workbook guides you to building and sharpening the tools you will […]

Demo for Ops

Dogs, often hailed as humans’ best friends, have been the topic of many scientific studies looking into how they might boost our well-being. In this Spotlight, we’ll explain how your friendly pup can benefit your health across the board. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), an estimated 78 million dogs […]