Membership with Academic Impressions Live Q&A Session

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Membership with Academic Impressions Live Q&A Session

What is membership with Academic Impressions? How does it work? Get answers to all your questions during this free webcast.


Many professionals in higher ed struggle to find career, personal, and professional development trainings that are not only effective, but also speak directly to their unique needs. In a landscape that is so distinct from others and that is historically change-averse and siloed, it’s all the more important to have access to resources that are designed exclusively for those within the unique operating context of higher ed.

Watch this free recorded webcast to get a closer look at a membership that is exclusive to higher ed and addresses the unique leadership and topic-based challenges that your people face every day. Learn what is included, how it works, and how other institution’s leaders are using it. This Q&A style session will allow you to get an inside look at all the benefits that membership includes and to get personalized, on-the-spot answers to your most pressing questions.