Institutional Readiness for Implementing Blended Learning


Institutional Readiness for Implementing Blended Learning


Table of Contents


From administrative considerations to assessment and advising – learn how to successfully deploy blended courses.




  • Best practices and considerations for developing a sound blended learning institutional implementation plan
    • Assessing student readiness and setting student expectations for success in the blended learning model
      • Course schedule
      • Catalog
      • Online readiness assessment
      • Advising
      • Other ways of communicating the model and expectations to students
    • Identifying and addressing student and faculty support issues
    • Web 2.0 tools and blended learning
  • Components of a successful faculty development (re)design program
    • Identifying and applying learning technologies to a blended course
    • Preempting and preparing for student crisis points
    • Integration and accountability between face-to-face and online components
    • Quality assurance principles and practices in a blended environment




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