Campaign Communications: Clearly Communicating Objectives and Impact


Campaign Communications: Clearly Communicating Objectives and Impact


Table of Contents


Get communications ideas for revitalizing campaign momentum and getting your donors excited about the future of your institution.


  • Campaigns: Enhanced Donor Communications
    • Campaign ASU 2020 discussion points
      • The importance of private support
      • Why donors are important to the institutional future
      • How all gifts make a difference
      • Communicating the importance of an endowment
  • Objectives-Based Communications
    • The six objectives for Campaign ASU 2020
    • The three objectives for Wake Will: The Campaign for Wake Forest
  • Demonstrating the Importance of Private Support
    • Highlighting the most dynamic and urgent priorities
      • Identifying focal points
      • Leveraging social media
  • Demonstrating Campaign Impact
    • Creating a powerful narrative with pivotal moments
  • Improving Cross Campus Alliances
  • Working with Consultants


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