A Model for Infusing Essential Career Skills into Co-Curricular Student Experiences

Last updated November 25, 2020

A Model for Infusing Essential Career Skills into Co-Curricular Student Experiences

Last updated November 25, 2020

Link co-curricular student experiences with the skills employers want.


Educators who work with students outside the classroom know that co-curricular programs like student government or service learning can help students develop the skills employers want. While these experiences offer tremendous opportunity, without intentional design and assessment their impact will be limited. So, when there is little time to do so, how do we build more intentionally designed co-curricular experiences to further student skill development and measure learning?

Join us for this virtual training for tangible, ready-made solutions to these challenges outlined in the cutting-edge program model our expert speakers have developed, the Co-Curricular Learning Masterplan (CLM). You will identify essential learning outcomes and leave with an assessment tool to build better co-curricular development experiences and demonstrate their value toward student learning.

Who should attend?

Individuals and teams in student affairs or other areas will benefit from this session, including: 

  • Experiential Learning and Career Development leaders seeking to better connect out-of-the-classroom learning experiences to essential student learning outcomes 
  • Student Affairs and Student Success leaders seeking a comprehensive approach to improve co-curricular student learning and ways to assess and demonstrate that learning 


January 26, 2021

1:00 – 4:00 p.m. Eastern

Part 1: The Program Model 

  • The creators of the Co-Curricular Learning Masterplan will introduce you to their program model that links Career Readiness Competencies developed by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) with actions you can take to foster deeper learning for your students. 



Part 2Essential Learning Outcomes 

  • You will learn the eight (8) essential learning outcomes defined by the Co-Curricular Learning Masterplan that every student should learn, which are mapped to the Three Stages of Investment referenced in the plan (i.e., involvement, engagement, and leadership). 



Part 3: Assessment Tool and Analysis 

  • You will get a ready-made assessment tool to measure student learning over time and a rubric to transform this data into direct evidence of student learning.